• 2013-07-17

    {Mood} Why are you saying goodbye to London - [Writing]


    These days I am quite emotional. I am not sure whether it is right moment to make big life decisions such as leaving London. 

    Today, Nick asked: Why are you saying goodbye to London? I replied, I feel like going back to Shanghai to live for at least 1 year to try things out and also experience sth different. 

    Nick naturally listed some reasons that could demotivate my leaving. "Through my own experience, moving between two cities would cost a lot of energy, because you need to make friends again. I moved between HK and London, even though these two cities are both home cities to me, it was still very tought. " 

    "I think once you leave, the barrier of coming back to London would be quite high." 

    Nick talked about these things, I understand, but at this moment, I guess I am willing to take the risk of leaving London for a while. I am not willing to take the risk of living in China at my 20s when everything is beginning. I have listed three most important things in my life, body, soul and people who are important to me. I am eager to live close to people who I adore, friends and family. I won't risk missing the days around them. My friends are entering the new stage of their life, getting married. My parents and grandparents are getting older everyday. I want to be with them on the days that are memorable. I can see that Nick doesn't want me to leave London, but he hasn't done anything that would be a reason for me to stay. 




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