• 2013-05-04

    {Experimenting English writing} Inspired by Mu Xin - [Writing]


    I do need to admit that my life would have been different without reading Mu Xin’s books and being inspired by him. Recently I visited US, and spent over one week in the New York City, experiencing the life Mu Xin had experienced before in my imagination. I imagined he was a regular vistor of the MET and the MoMA. I did enjoy myself during my visits to MET and MoMA, and I find myself love the works of the Impressionism so much. Today I wanna do some reflection about how Mu Xin has inspired me. 

    Mu Xin, born in Feb 14, 1927 in Wuzhen, Tongxiang, China. He was a writer, painter and enthusiast of art and music. The first time I read his book is in 2006, and at that time, he moved back to Wuzhen from New York. It is a shame that I got to know that after he passed away in 2011. I missed the opportunity of meeting him in person, but his books and thoughts keep inspiring me in my daily life. 

    No.1 Be aware of death when you are living

    Mu Xin inspired me to be aware of death when I am living, therefore, I won’t live a life which is not the one I really want to live. Being aware of death gives me more courage to pursue a life which is worth living in accordance with my own value. I keep asking myself and experimenting different things, trying hard to find my real passion in life. In 2013, I have made a big decision of pursuing a career and lifestyle which is suitable for me, but seems like a little risky. I haven’t felt so happy in my life. However, I will also maintain the continual renewal of inspiration in my life and keep moving. 

    No.2 Find your spiritual mentors and be keen to be influenced by them

    I learned from Mu Xin that it is crucial to find my spiritual mentors at the early stage of life and be willing to be influenced by them. Mu Xin had been influenced significantly by Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky I have been influenced significantly influenced by Mu Xin, it is interesting that Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky have indirectly influenced me. I am keen to read more of their works to get to know the great souls. Thus, in my life, I keep looking for people who are creative and interesting, and talking with them, renewing my inspiration all the time. I have met a great designer Nick in April, and I have learned so many interesting things only after two meet-ups. That’s the reason why Mu Xin said, talented people all know that they have to be away from home and move to a great city. Shakespeare left home and moved to London at his early 20s. He did not go to schools to get formal education, instead, he worked in theaters and the city gave him great inspiration. I always feel lucky that I moved to London at the age of 23 and this city has totally changed me. 

    No. 3 Strive to discover and establish your own style

    Mu Xin told me that we should not be afraid of being influenced by others, especially the great people. One of my best friends who teaches me photography has great passion for art and photography, but he never goes to exhibitions of other photographers. His reason is that he does not want to be influenced by others’ styles. I don’t agree with him in that aspect. “I am sensitive of being influenced by others and intense of shaping my own character, thus I could establish my own style.” That’s what I learned from Mu Xin. May Ray described Pablo Picasso as “the man who received violently to all impacts, but had only one outlet to express his feelings: paintings.” That’s how Picasso shaped his style, which is impossible to imitate.  

    No.4 Be dedicated to art 

    Mu Xin said: art is so dominant that it could dominate the entire life of a person. Even though I don’t have the aspiration to be an artist, I am influenced by him to be more dedicated to learning more and practicing more art solely because it makes me refreshed and excited. I find inspirations from different forms of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, coutures, photography, music, films and so on. I am practicing different things: portrait drawing and painting, film photography and darkroom processing,  graphic design and product design, etc. The greatest life I can imagine is a life with a pen, a paint brush and a camera. Living in the contemporary digital era, a well-functioning laptop is absolutely important for creating something. The dedication to art inspired by Mu Xin pushes me to create something which is novel and interesting. 

    No.5 Be interested in people 

    “I consumed all my eagerness to learn, curiosity and aesthetic sense on people, living a life without a final destination.” Definitely, this sentence is more beautiful in Chinese than my lame English translation. However, all I want to say here is that Mu Xin inspired me to pursue my passion and interest in people, especially the creative, fascinating and passonate people. They are even better that the greatest books in the world, I can learn so much and gain so much joy from them. So far, by living my life motto “I made myself a vessel to save serendipity”, I have met some great guys and get inspired by them. What Paris in 1920s fascinates me is the people, the groups of people who were so talented and interesting and even crazy. Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein, Picasso, Coco Chanel, Dali, T.S Elliot, May Ray......No wonder I love the movie Midnight in Paris so much. How I wish I could have a circle of people who fascinate me the most and we are together to create some great things.  

    Partly because of Mu Xin, I am living the life which I am passionate about now, and I will never regret for choosing such a route by following my heart. Thank you Mu Xin. 




  • for sure!
    2013-06-21 22:22:49
  • great reflection ^^ let us be hopeful to find such a field group which supports our dreams
    keep looking for great people and being influenced by them
    2013-05-07 19:34:52