• 2013-02-03

    Dare you follow your heart? - [Writing]


    I have changed so much since 2010, when I was doing a summer internship in CCB and discussed my career aspiration with my dad. One day, I said, it seems good to be a customer manager in a commercial bank because he needs to apply such a comprehensive skill set when he carries out daily job. The next day, I found that being a mutual fund manager seems exciting and it is a job you may make a lot of money if you are experienced and lucky. The third day, I seems to discover something even more exciting, Private Equity. Then I started reading books about PE and tried to learn more about it. No doubt it is very fancy, but everyone says it is too hard for a graduate to get in. Then I hesitated to treat it as my dream career, maybe in the future. When I was applying to master degree, I didn't know why I wanted to do sth very technical such as Financial Economics or Financial Engineering. I was so dedicated to preparing for the interview with MSc in MFE of Oxford Said Business School. Then I failed, and failed many times. I reapplied to LSE MSc in Management in Feb, 2011 and finally got an offer from LSE in March, 2011. At that time, I told LSE that I aim to establish my career in Management Consulting and then work in PE. In the summer of 2011, before I went to London, I took a course about Investment Banking, it was my first time to learn about IBD. I never expected that I would be crazy for IBD afterwards.

    After I arrived in London, I started learning about the recruitment process and job market in London and at the same time networked with sooooooo many representatives in a range of firms, IB, corporate, consulting firms, etc. Later, I realised that IBD is my cup of tea and started making applications crazily. Unfortunately I didn't get an intern offer from IBD, but working in one of the Big 4 as a summer intern sounds not bad, then I accepted the offer. I spent the summer of 2012 in Bristol, working as an intern auditor. To be honest, it is damn boring, but the life-style is great! Since 2012, my inner world has changed ultimately because of a ridiculous love story. I started sth called “follow your heart” because I loved sb I should not and then that attitude applied to many aspects of life. I started to learn and do things I am eager to learn and to do, even though they consume much of my time and energy and money. I started learning photography (using film cameras), learning astrology, being global poverty ambassador, watch soccer more often (become a super fan of MU), transforming my diary blog to my studio (called Serendippo Studio), being inspired by a painter to paint, being inspired by an editor to start writing a book about London. I also had a final interview with HSBC for its full time job, but I didn't get it, the biggest reason may be I cannot speak English as well as a native speaker. I thought I will never achieve it, I hesitated for the first time. I also got some consulting experience by doing a project with Oliver Wyman, however, I didn't enjoy it. I was not interested, and it suffered, I hate the feeling of wanting to learn nothing and having nothing to say during the process of the project. Then I got my first consulting interview in my life, I will prepare for it as much as I could but I didn't expect an offer.

    It seems like my hobbies have been becoming more and more dominant in my life, and my interest always comes before aspiration for money and achievement. I really wanna find a job that even I am not paid, I am still very willing to do it; a job that even I am not required to work overtime and I am still eager to work more because I want to learn more or simply enjoy the feeling of doing sth I am passionate about. I had a new idea in 2012, which is to set up my own business in the future; I am dreaming about my kingdom full of the things I love, such as product, fashion, event, publishing, photography, etc. It can be a creative collective. I realised that it will be very difficult to succeed without real-life experience in that specific industry, I am thinking about finding a long-term internship in creative industry in London (with lowest pay and without visa are ok for me). It may be a crazy thought, but I just wanna do the things I love and prepare for my future entrepreneurship. At the same time, I will learn courses such as fashion and design in schools such as Central Saint Martin. It sounds promising and stimulating, isn’t it?

    Then it is my “looking for my career” mind map; it looks so random and changeable. I still remember I said I wanted to be lawyer when I was a kid. (Commercial bank, mutual fund, PE, Management Consulting, IBD, Auditing, Creative Industry…) Life is such a mystery, it is lucky to discover where our true passion lies. Dare you follow your heart?